Our Story

We base our company’s success on our highly skilled multilingual team that has understanding of a wide variety of industries, is experienced in internationalization and is constantly keeping up with trends and market conditions. Bloom Sales experts have the necessary cultural knowledge that helps to research and understand the international market leading to the greatest results for your company.

Acquire New Leads

Get sales meetings with prospects most likely to become your customers

Activate Cold Leads

Convert more of your “no’s” and “maybe’s” into first-time buyers

Resell Existing Customers

Drive upsells and renewals from your existing customers

What We Do

We’re specialists at every stage of the sales funnel. From lead sourcing to appointment setting and closing deals, we create predictable pipelines and repeatable outcomes for you.
We recruit, hire, equip, train and retain teams of B2B sales experts that plug into your sales operation. Outsource the headache while seeing positive results.
We invest heavily in sales training and partner with some of the world’s leading sales authorities. The result? You have only the best experts working for your business.

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