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We help technology companies accelerate revenue growth by providing remote Business Development Teams to help scale the business.

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Who are We

Bloom Sales works as a strategic partner in your business development and sales efforts. Having many years of experience, we bring deep expertise to all of our outreach/outbound projects, amplifying and augmenting existing sales teams or expanding your current outbound capabilities.

We base our company’s success on our highly skilled multilingual team of BDRs, SDRs, and AEs that have an understanding of a wide variety of industries and are experienced in different sales situations.

About us

Our Services

At Bloom Sales, we can provide you with a range of different remote sales teams depending on your objective.

Dedicated Sales Teams

At Bloom Sales, we can provide you with a team of highly motivated and dedicated  sales experts that can boost your lead generation, prospecting activities, negotiation and closing deals.

Premium Sales Outsourcing

Bloom Sales sales outsourcing services helps you in what you do best. We help you set-up and build performing sales organizations, where strategy meets execution and where revenue hits target.

Developing New Customers & Markets

We are making your business a sales-driven business, improving the pipeline and overall deal flow. Professional sales management minimizes stress and embracees opportunity.

What is Outbound Orchestration?

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Changing lives of our clients

“" It’s good to have an objective person to hold you accountable, to make you do things that maybe you would not do. To look at things from a different perspective. To put some structure around what you’re doing. For me, I don’t know how anybody, thinks that they can do it on their own. Thanks Bloom Sales "”

Jake LucasBusinessman

“" I have been doing the coaching for only a few months, but I cannot believe how much my profit margins have increased. Bloom Sales Team has helped me to cut costs, to plan for the future and to increase sales. I really can’t believe how much of a difference Bloom Sales has made in my business."”

Alex CohenBusiness woman

“"Bloom Sales has been an incredible partner. Our Sales Rep. has been brilliant and their whole team is constantly learning and implementing new ideas to improve. We’re looking forward to even more success in future."”

James SmithDeveloper

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